The focus of ZanHosting is to provide services that help the world run more efficiently with less overhead. We do this by specializing in app development, managed hosting, and consulting.

Our app development concentrates on creating solutions for areas that need automation, better performance, and lower pricing. Our specialization is in full-stack web development using PHP as our backend. Rather than freelancing, we only develop self-hosted managed services. Partnerships are always welcome; feel free to contact us if you have an idea!

We maintain a fleet of bare metal servers 24/7/365. This level of control allows us to have complete reign over our services' data security, performance, and architecture. Our services are fully replicated with load balancing, making them highly available when supported. Frequent backups are encrypted and stored locally for quick recovery when needed, then sent to our partners' cold storage. Many businesses can benefit from our meticulously managed hosting; we offer this at a competitive cost.

For situations where you need onsite infrastructure, we offer our expertise in networking, hardware, and security to get the job done. We will ensure you have what you need from discovery to specification and implementation. Contact us to discuss opportunities, and we will find solutions!

Dedicated Hosts
99.999% /year
Uptime Goal
Dekaron Cloud

Dekaron Cloud is a free-to-use service to help everyone in the Dekaron community. Dekaron is an MMORPG first released in 2004 and produced by the Korean company GameHi. We strive to benefit everyone in the community through its easy, secure, feature-rich website.


ZanDekaron is a private server based on the 2Moons variant of the game. 2moons was the English translation of Dekaron published by Acclaim in 2006. We launched in 2009 and still going strong with a few breaks and variations during its life.

Key Bunker

KeyBunker is an encryption key storage service for freelancers and small businesses worldwide. When developing our applications, we noticed a void in the market for anyone who wanted a cost-effective way to manage their encryption keys.

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